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Flash for Cash Scams

As featured in today’s media, incidents of a worrying new twist on the ‘crash for cash’ scams are being reported, where drivers waiting to exit junctions or driveways are flashed, signalling that they are safe to proceed, before they are deliberately crashed into. Dubbed ‘flash for cash’ these scams are engineered to place the blame on the innocent party and are generally followed by a substantial, and often grossly inflated, insurance claim. Read more on how this type of crash for cash scam is engineered.

So, is this the beginning of the end for common courtesy on UK roads? These incidents are thankfully isolated, but they have been reported widely in the media, including the BBC, and will be on the minds of drivers up and down the country. The next time you are flashed before exiting a junction or merging onto a busy, but slow-moving carriage way, will you think twice?

We sincerely hope that in defiance of this type of unsociable behaviour, drivers will remain courteous on the roads and help to make UK highways a calmer and safer place to be. However, if you’re looking for some additional protection against ‘crash for cash’ and ‘flash for cash’ scams, a car camera installed in your vehicle will record activity on the road around you to provide irrefutable evidence if you’re involved in an incident. Our range of dash cams offer HD video recording, multiple lenses and wide-angle lenses to help you capture as much detail as possible.