Today we’ve been speaking to the Chinese company that manufacture the Mini 0801 about the next-generation of this hugely popular dashcam. To be named the Mini 0803, this new car camera is currently in the final stages of testing before it reaches mass-production.

Featuring an updated Amberalla A7L30 or A7L50 main chip and an AR0330 3MP image sensor we’re anticipating that the Mini 0803 will deliver ultra-clear video and with wide dynamic range (WDR), excellent image quality in all lighting conditions. With talk of including a lane departure warning system, which alerts you if you stray from your lane, this camera could include unique features that set it apart from the rest!

We’re hoping to get our hands on one as soon as possible so stay tuned for our first look reviews and sample video! You can view more information on the Mini 0803 camera on our product page.