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Dash Cam Supplier iPixi Makes It Onto Top Gear

We’re proud to stock a selection of iPixi dash cams at Car Camera Shop; they have a great build quality, are easy to use and we love their design. We were, however, also extremely chuffed to discover that they’d made it onto arguably the biggest car show in the world – Top Gear!

The Stig vs.. The Stig

This footage, courtesy of an iPixi dash cam (the V300HD) recorded every second of this indoor test of the BAC Mono in 2012 where The Stig smashed the current speed record held there by over 10 seconds. It also gave us a rare and valuable insight into what he sees behind the wheel and how he drives. Check it out below:

Car Camera Shop Reviews

We presently stock two iPixi cameras, and we’ve reviewed both in detail, which you can click to read, awarding them an aggregate score of 4.2/5 stars and a high recommendation:

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Read the iPixi Winycam review here: (4/5 stars) V200HD.

To see our own footage of how the iPixi X100FHD records, you can watch the video below:

To shop iPixi dash cams, check out their brand page.