Dashcam discounts

Last month saw Swiftcover become the first mainstream insurer to offer a discount to their customers that install a dashcam. While their 10% discount might only equate to around £30 off their average policy value, it’s great to see a new company recognise the benefits that dashcams offer.

As discussed in their latest blog, Adrian Flux have been offering a discount for around two years and were one of the first UK insurers to do so. Due to the specialised nature of the cover they provide, the savings made can often cover the cost of the dashcam in the first year alone!

Footage captured by car cameras helps insurers to apportion responsibility for an accident much quicker than occasions when video evidence isn’t readily available. Often these cases simply end up with responsibility being shared 50/50 between both parties, as neither will accept blame and the evidence in inconclusive. Understandably, the communications involved in this take a significant amount of time, resource and therefore, money. By eliminating, or vastly reducing this process, insurers are able to save money and it’s great to see them passing these savings on to drivers.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Cheaper Car Insurance page for details of all insurance companies that are offering dashcam discounts. We hope that we’ll be able to add many more companies to it in the future.