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How to solve DAB radio interference

Occasionally, some cameras can affect DAB radio reception in some cars. There’s no sure fire way to solve this but there are a few things that you can do to try to reduce or completely remove the interference caused by your dashcam.

1. The first thing to try is re-wiring the power cable so it runs in an alternative route, perhaps the other side of the car.

2. Try using a shielded power cable. These are usually more expensive but do offer better protection against interference.

3. Try using noise suppressors. These are small round magnets which clip onto each end of the cable and can help reduce the interference caused by the cable.

The interference may be caused by the camera itself or the cabling, or both. Some people have wrapped the camera in foil to see if that makes a difference to help determine whether the interference is caused by the camera or the cable. If the camera is the cause then there’s not a great deal that can be done.

Looking online, many people have made their own DIY solutions using foil or special electrical shielding spray but we can’t recommend these practices since they will invalidate the warranty, although they have obtained good results.