Using a car camera has many benefits. At the top of that list is the fact that it helps if there is ever a crash or vandalism incident with your car. A car camera provides irrefutable evidence of what happened which helps ensure that the correct decision is made on insurance claims. It also helps insurance companies to process claims quicker which means you can move on quicker. So if having a car camera is good for your car it must be good for temporary cars too.

That is true. If you drive a car for work that you do not own or if you hire cars regularly a car camera can be just as beneficial to you as it is when you own the car. It is also beneficial when driving abroad.

In fact hiring a car and driving while on holiday is something that more people are doing. It is inexpensive and it appeals to our desires for exploration and independence. But statistics have shown that you are twice as likely to be in a car accident while driving in mainland Europe as you are when you are driving in the UK. If you are in Greece or Portugal your chances of being in an accident are three times higher.

It is bad being in an accident when you are close to home but it is even worse when you are far away. You will have less people to help and support you and you may have difficulties with the language. This makes a stressful situation even worse as you try to deal with other people involved in the accident, car hire companies, insurance companies and the police.

In all of these situations a car camera can help. Video images transcend language barriers and will back up your viewpoint in a way that is impossible to argue with. They can help you if you are in an incident in a hire car in the UK too and also if you are driving a car for work that you do not own. The video camera footage deals with all of these tricky situations ensuring you are not out of pocket or out of a job.

Car Cameras Suitable for Temporary Cars

The most important thing to consider when buying a car camera that you plan to use in a car that is not your own is the way that it is fixed. Most cameras are fixed to your car on the windscreen. One method of fixing is through adhesive mounts which is solid and durable. The trouble is these are also semi-permanent so are not suitable for things like hire cars or temporary work cars.

The other type of car camera fixing that is available is suction pads. The whole purpose of suction pads is to make the camera portable which is beneficial for security purposes, i.e. you can remove the camera and place it somewhere out-of-sight when your car is parked. Portability is also beneficial for using the camera on hire cars or temporary work vehicles so suction pads are the best option.

When you get into the car you simply fix the camera to the windscreen using the suction pads and then remove it when you are finished with the car. View our full range of suction mounted dash cams.

Other Benefits

A car camera is beneficial when things go wrong but there are other things that they are useful for, particularly if you are driving a hire car for pleasure. This is because car cameras are a way for you to capture your trip. Of course mile-upon-mile of motorway driving is not interesting but once you get onto the scenic routes your car camera can become a method of recording what you see while at the same time offering you protection.

You just have to remember to download to a computer any video that you want before it is deleted. Car cameras typically record to SD cards in chunks. Once the card is full it goes back to the oldest chunk and wipes it before starting to record again. This is called loop recording and means you do not have to worry about storage space. You do have to worry about the videos that you want to keep though. That means you will need to bring a laptop or something similar to download your videos before they are deleted.

Suction mounts make car cameras portable which means they are suitable for all driving situations in all countries. Before you go on your next trip or take the keys of another work car make sure you get one.