Every installation we do here is done to the highest possible standard. We only use fully trained auto-electricians who are then tested on dash camera installations before going out in the field. By doing this we ensure only the best engineers are able to work on your vehicle, we will also ensure the engineer has suitable experience on your vehicle or similar vehicles before being assigned to your installation.

Recently we had an enquiry of installing a camera system into a new Audi Q7. The customer required the camera system to be as discreet and high quality as possible with all wires hidden, an additional battery was also needed to ensure the vehicle is protected overnight. After hearing this, our experienced team decided that the Lukas Qvia AR790 was the most suitable camera system, with the Cellink B battery pack also being used. The AR790 is one of the most discreet camera systems available, with a sleek cylindrical design. Both the front and the rear camera record in 1080P full HD which makes it one of the best cameras available today.  

After showing the customer the camera system and battery pack combination , along with images of previous installations of this system that we have completed, he decided that this was the system for him. The order was then placed via our online shop and our booking team then called him to arrange a suitable date, time and location for the installation to take place. The kit was then sent out to the customer ready for the engineer.

Lukas AR790 Installation

Lukas AR790 Front Camera Once on site, the engineer completed his pre installation vehicle checks, to ensure the vehicle is working correctly before carrying out any work. The front camera was positioned out of sight behind the rear view mirror and the rear camera was placed in the top middle of the rear windscreen. All cables are then run through the trim of the vehicle, using existing grommets so no cable is visible. The cameras power cable was then connected to the battery pack, which is installed using a relay. This means the battery pack is charged when the ignition is on and will power the cameras in parking mode once the ignition is switched off. Once the installation was completed, the engineer performed his post-installation checks, ensuring both the camera system and vehicle are working as expected before leaving.

Our experienced team are happy to help recommend the best camera system for your needs, so please contact us if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can check out our extensive range of dash cameras