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Young Drivers Getting Unfairly Treated

New research has found that almost 30% of 18-25-year olds involved in a car accident were either wrongly blamed or struggled to prove their innocence.


The study, carried out by Nextbase, found that younger motorists often admit to fault at the scene of an incident, even if they are the victim. Richard Browning, director at Nextbase, commented: “With research showing that a large proportion of young drivers are getting blamed for accidents that may have not been their fault, a dash cam can act as a witness to help prove innocence. “Research shows that the older you get, the worse your reactions are, however younger drivers are still getting penalised with sky high car insurance costs.”

Nextbase has partnered with MyFirstUK insurance to offer up to 30% off premiums to young drivers when a Nextbase 312GW dash cam has been fitted in the vehicle. Unlike having a black box, drivers aren’t curfewed or monitored, but given the freedom to drive with confidence.

Furthermore, when a dashcam is fitted in vehicles alongside a black box, findings show that 67% improve their driving over a three-month period, compared to when just a black box was installed.

Nextbase says its research shows 85% of those with a black box would happily opt for an alternative to save money