We often get asked 'which is the best dash camera?'. This is a hard question because it will always come down to personal needs and preferences. That being said, a comparison over at Auto Express did a good job of deciding which is better: the Thinkware F200, or the Nextbase Duo HD.

Thinkware F200-2CH         Thinkware F200-2ch

The Thinkware F200-2CH is a great front and rear dash camera system, providing high quality at a low price. Coming in at £169.99, while boasting HD recording from both ends, built-in WiFi, and a time lapse feature, it is a pretty impressive camera.


Video Quality - 1080p HD Front, 720p HD Rear

Price - £169.99

WiFi - Yes

GPS - Optional Antenna

Time Lapse - Yes

Viewing Angle - 140°

Parking Mode - Yes

Screen - No

SD Card - 16GB Card Supplied

Memory - Up to 64GB

Nextbase Duo HD            Nextbase Duo HD

The Nextbase Duo HD is also an affordable front and rear dash camera, with impressive specs. It records at 1080p HD from both lenses, hasbuilt-in Wifi, and a GPS magnetic mounting system. However, is slightly more expensive, at £199.99.


Video Quality - 1080p HD Front and Rear

Price - £199.99

WiFi - Yes

GPS - Yes

Time Lapse - No

Viewing Angle - 140°

Parking Mode - Yes

Screen - Yes

SD Card - None provided

Memory - Up to 32GB


What Was The Result?

"The F200 takes it here... it has a better field of vision, which will be more important when capturing incidents."

"We put the two devices head to head, focusing on recording abilities and quality, ease of use, plus price."

"We captured a good amount of detail with the front camera; it adjusted for exposure well and we could read licence plates and road signs easily."

"The lens picked up licence plates from a good distance , and offered a better field of vision than the Duo, so we could position it anywhere we liked in the rear window."


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