After receiving many requests for bike cameras as well as car cameras, we've started to introduce a carefully selected range from the best manufacturers. But what is a bike camera? And how is it different from a car camera or an action cam?

RoadHawk Ride

Essentially, bike cameras enable cyclists and bikers, in fact, anyone who wears a helmet for their chosen activity, to record their actions from their point-of-view. This can give either a detailed record of events on the road in the case of an accident, or, more happily, capture exciting events such as extreme sports - from mountain biking to motor sports!

Bike cameras are designed with the main purpose of being mounted on a bike, or more usually, on a helmet. As well as dictating that they must be compact and lightweight, this means that they need to be weather-proof and be easily controlled by touch alone. To this end, most bike cameras have simple buttons that can be used to start and stop recording without looking, and some even feature vibrating alerts that can be felt through the helmet, ensuring that the user knows that their camera is operating as it should.

Due to their lack of screens, videos are usually viewed on a computer, after being downloaded from the cameras memory card, or a monitor if the camera features a video out option like the Replay XD1080. Without a live view to aid alignment when mounting, some cameras feature a laser pointer built-in, such as the Dogcam Bullet HD 2.

In contrast to our range of car cameras, motorcycle cameras lack features such as event recording and parking protection as these features don't lend themselves to these applications. However, cameras such as the RoadHawk Ride do offer loop recording, which means that the camera will record continuously, overwriting older files as necessary. This functionality means that a camera can remain in place, recording continually until the latest footage is required, for example, in the case of an incident on the road where video evidence is required to support your explanation of events.

While some motorbike cameras can be hard-wired into the bikes electrical system - in which case they will activate when the ignition is turned on - they usually run off a small internal battery which can be charged easily via a USB port.

So, whether you're looking for peace-of-mind on the roads, or video of your extreme sports, our carefully selected range of bike cameras offer various options to deliver precisely the functionality you need and with high-quality HD video.