Protect Young Drivers with Car Cameras

If you're a parent, handing the keys to your precious car over to your 17 year old son or daughter can be a tough decision - especially if you love your car.. and your child!

We all know that statistically drivers under 25 are at a higher risk of being involved in a car accident. There are many reasons for this including lack of experience and attention, excessive speed, poorly maintained cars, night-time driving, and perhaps a false sense of confidence.

You obviously want your child to be safe and to reduce the likelihood of them being involved in an accident, whether this be a small bump in a car park or a serious high-speed crash. We've found that many parents are turning to car cameras as a way to help improve their children's driving and reduce the risk of an accident.

Aside from saving on car insurance and providing irrefutable evidence in case of an accident, it has been proven that having a car camera actually makes you a more safety conscious and better driver - ideal for young drivers. Of course, if they do have an accident you'll have video evidence of exactly what happened to help with the insurance claim. Young drivers are vulnerable so this evidence could prove vital in determining the party at fault in an accident.

It's up to the parent on how they introduce the dash cam but many parents offer their car (or buy a car) providing they use a car camera which can be viewed at any time. As the parent, you can view the footage of their driving and even see their speed and location on a map, providing your camera comes equipped with GPS. You can also see the g-forces being applied so you can identify quick and dangerous moves on the road! Quite a powerful tool for a parent!

You could argue that this is all rather big brother but if you love your kids and want them to be safe, this is a very effective way to ensure they drive safely and reduce the risk of having an accident.