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We get asked lots of questions, so yours may have already been answered here. If you can’t find the answer to your query in this list of commonly asked questions or from our range of product guides, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you and help you with your query.

Are you allowed to record video in public?

As all videos are recorded on public roads in the UK they are exempt from the Data Protection Act under Section 36. Recording video for personal purposes is OK and even uploading videos to YouTube is fine – you don’t even need to blur out number plates and faces.

Is the footage legally binding?

Yes, the footage you record is legally binding. There are numerous examples of cases where video footage from a car camera has been used as evidence. Of course, most of the time the video footage will be used to assign blame with the insurance companies. However, should you require evidence in court, the footage you provide can prove vital.

Does the car camera drain the battery when the car is off?

No, most car cameras automatically switch on/off as the power to the cigarette lighter comes on/off. The power to the cigarette lighter comes on when the ignition is switched on and then goes off when the ignition is switched off. So, the camera is not powered when you’re not using the car. Some cameras have internal batteries which can be used to take the camera out of the car to take photos or to use the parking mode (until the battery runs out).

Can I playback the videos on any computer?

Yes, you can playback the video files (either AVI or MP4 format) on any computer including both Windows and OSX, providing you have the correct video codecs installed. You can simply copy the video files off the SD card onto your computer and play them like any other video file. Some cameras also come with special software which allows you to manage camera settings and playback videos with the additional GPS maps and g-sensor data (if supported). This software may not be compatible with all platforms so check before you buy.

Can you turn the microphone off?

If you prefer not to record audio you can disable the microphone on most car cameras. You may prefer not to have audio of you talking in the car.

Will it work outside the UK?

Yes, since car cameras do not have maps built in and as GPS is a global system you can take the camera anywhere around the world and the maps will work fine when you view the videos afterwards.

Do I need to replace the memory cards when they fill up?

No, car cameras have a loop recording feature which means that the camera will record until the memory card is full, and then start to record new videos over the oldest files. This means that standard video clips don’t clog up space on the memory card which allows the camera to continue recording for significant periods of time without the need to clear old files from the memory card. Read more on loop recording.

How long does delivery take and how much is it?

You can read details on our delivery options and prices on our delivery and returns page.

Can I connect the camera directly to the battery?

Yes, if you prefer to connect the camera directly to the battery for a cleaner installation you can. Additionally, many cameras have parking mode which generally only work if you connect the camera to the battery since the cigarette lighter is only powered when the car is running. You can purchase hardwire kits which prevent the car battery from running flat by the camera being on even when parked – these are an essential accessory.

What is a car camera and how do they work?

A car camera (or dash cam) is a type of video camera that is specifically designed with tailored features for recording continuous footage of the road ahead. There are many features which are unique to dash cams compared to other types of video cameras such as action cameras. To find out more read our guide “What is a car camera?” or read more about the features and benefits.

What are the benefits of a car camera?

There are many benefits of using a car camera from cheaper car insurance, faster insurance claims, irrefutable evidence, parking protection and peace of mind just to name a few. Read our complete guide “Why Buy a Car Camera?” for more information on the many benefits you get from a dash cam.

Can I use a car camera in any vehicle?

Yes, a car camera is just like a sat nav so all you need is a cigarette lighter. If you don’t have one you can always wire the camera directly into the battery. You can use a car camera in cars, vans, lorries or any other vehicle with a suitable mounting surface and a power source.

Where can I mount my car camera?

While some car cameras mount onto the dashboard of your vehicle, the vast majority are fixed to the windscreen with either a suction or adhesive mount. Both methods are easy to install but offer different functionality and usability. There are legal implications which you need to be aware of so please read our guide “How, and where, to mount your car camera” for more information on the car camera mounting options.

Are car cameras easy to install?

Most of the time it’s just a case of mounting the camera on your windscreen and wiring the cable around to the cigarette lighter. If you have a multi-lens camera you may need someone to help you. If you’re hard wiring the camera to your car battery or electrics, we recommend using a specialist professional auto electrician or car dealer to carry this work out for you.

Can you install the car camera for me?

Yes, we can install your dash cam for you. Our professional mobile dashcam installers will fit your dashcam directly to your car electrics for a seamless and more reliable integration. They come direct to you at a time that suits you and cover anywhere on the UK mainland. No more wires and clutter on display, plus get free delivery on your camera order! More on our installation service

How can I contact Car Camera Shop?

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