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Mobius Dashcam Unboxing Standard vs Wide Angle Lens Comparison Sample Daytime Footage

Mobius Action Camera (Dash Cam)

The smallest and lightest dash cam on the market, with exceptional HD video quality. We're offering the Mobius Action Camera pre-configured as a dash cam so you can just mount it into your vehicle and start recording! Our package comes with all the accessories you need to use it as a car camera and the choice of a standard or wide angle lens at no extra cost. Don't be fooled by the price, the Mobius holds it's own against the best car cameras in the market!

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Key Features

  • Full HD quality video
    (1920 x 1080) at 30fps.
  • Standard lens (Lens A2: 85°) or wide angle lens (Lens D: 120°).
  • Very small and light.
  • Photo mode.
  • Motion detection.
  • Adjustable suction or adhesive windscreen mount.
  • Micro SD class 6 cards up to 128GB.

Useful Information

The Mobius ActionCam is a multi-purpose action camera that works perfectly as a car camera thanks to it's size, accessories and the option of loop recording and auto start/stop. We're offering a ready to go dash cam version of this camera which is pre-configured with the latest firmware and setup to run as a dash cam out of the box*. You can also choose between the standard lens (Lens A2), which has an 85° viewing angle to give a crisp image without distortion, or a wide angle lens (Lens B) which has a 120° viewing angle, capturing more action with a slight fish-eye effect.

We also provide all the necessary accessories including the extra long power cable, USB car charger, and suction or adhesive mount bundled with this camera. You can choose which mount you prefer and also get additional mounts should you with to move the camera around.

This dash cam package means you can use the camera in your car straight out of the box with no setup required. However, should you want to adjust the settings on offer, this can be done so via some third-party software.

The Mobius ActionCam is tiny and very light and provides full HD 1080p video at 30fps with fantastic quality to really capture the detail you need including number plates. The lens comes with the popular WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) making for great quality in low-light conditions. The camera does also provide HD quality 720p at 60fps but for dash cam use, we recommend 1080p at 30fps.

The camera comes with a built-in battery which lasts up to 2 hours so you can run the camera out of the car to take photos or even take it with you snowboarding! The Mobius ActionCam makes a great dash cam with loop recording (clips last 3 minutes each but this can be changed) with a 1 second overlap so you don't lose out on any video. The auto start/stop feature means the camera will power on and start recording automatically when you turn the car ignition on. Likewise, it will also power off and stop recording once you turn the car ignition off.

The Mobius Action Camera is a fantastic little camera without the advanced features and controls you see on other dash cams. That said, it does the most important thing, recording the road ahead, better than most other cameras on the market. Plus, you can use it for many other things!

Read more information on how we pre-configure the Mobius as a car camera.

Please note that the Mobius camera has been known to interfere with DAB radio reception in some vehicles so if your DAB radio is important to you then we would recommend an alternative camera.

Hardwire Kit
The hardwire kit we recommend for the Mobius is the 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Socket Adapter with the Piggyback Fuse Holder. For the Piggyback Fuse Holder you need to choose from a Mini or Standard fuse type.

User Manual/Software
This camera does not come supplied with a user manual or software. You can download the latest manual and Windows software from the URL below. All video files can be played back on both Windows and Mac, however to change the settings on the Mac, follow the instructions in the user guide (link below).

In The Box

  • 1 x Mobius Action Camera (Dash Cam Version)
  • 1 x Mounting base
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x L Shape Small Hexagon Screwdriver (for changing or refocusing lens when needed)
  • 1 x Pair velcro
  • 1 x Adhesive or suction mount
  • 1 x 3m USB lead with cable clips
  • 1 x Single port USB cigarette lighter adapter
  • 5 x Cable Clips

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Feature Event Recording, HD, Photo Mode
Mounting Options Adhesive, Suction
Mobile App No
HD 1080p, 720p
Lenses Single
Speed Camera Alerts No
GPS Mapping No
G-Sensor No
Photo Mode Yes
Event Recording Yes
Parking Mode Yes
Dimensions 61mm (l) x 35mm (w) x 18mm (h)
Video Resolution / Frame Rate Full HD (1920 x 1080) @ 30fps
HD (1280 x 720) @ 60fps
HD (1280 x 720) @ 30fps
Codec Video H.264
File Format MOV
Sensor CMOS Sensor with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
Viewing Angle 87° (Standard), 116° (Wide)
Additional Software * Third-Party Windows Software
Additional Software Compatibility * Windows
Image Stabilisation No
Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) No
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Yes
Mic Yes
Speaker No
Remote Control No
Emergency Recording Yes
Motion Detection Yes
Loop Recording Yes
Auto Start/Stop Yes
LCD Screen No
Waterproof No
Video Output Optional
Infra-Red Night Vision No
Removable Yes
Speed Stamp No
Date/Time Stamp Yes
Memory Micro SD up to 32GB
Memory Card Provided No
Internal Battery 2 Hours
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
Box Contents 1 x Mobius Action Camera (Dash Cam Version)
1 x Mounting base
1 x USB cable
1 x L Shape Small Hexagon Screwdriver (for changing or refocusing lens when needed)
1 x Pair velcro
1 x Adhesive or suction mount
1 x 3m cigarette lighter power cable with cable clips
1 x Single port USB cigarette lighter adapter
* Unless otherwise stated in the product description, can you play the videos back and copy them onto all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Some cameras come bundled with extra software which also allow you to play the videos back, edit camera settings, view the location on a map, and view g-sensor data. This software may not be compatible with all operating systems so make sure it's compatible first.


Read Our Full Review
The Mobius is a very good camera for anyone looking for a small tidy camera.
Reviewed by alex

This review is more to help anyone out. I use my Mobius as a rear facing camera incase anyone crashes into the rear of my car. I use it for my driving school and I have noticed a significant reduction in the number of people driving too close. I noticed though, when a pupil stalls the car and immediately restarts the engine the camera does not power up so does not continue to record unless I unplug and plug the camera back in (I use the 12v cigarette lighter power not hard wire). By changing the settings to delay power off by 60 seconds, it has solved this well and the bonus is, if you did stall/engine cut out the camera continues to record for 60 seconds which is probably the most likelihood when someone could drive into you. Please note, you can only do this using its built in battery and not the capacitor. By the time the pupil restarts the engine the camera never has a chance to power down so continues to record.

One last thing...The image is so good, I can even see what the driver (who is driving behind me) is doing such as using mobile phone etc which is what I want.

5/5 (Perfect)
Reviewed by PhilW

Awesome camera, excellent quality. I looked at dash cams for a little while, and have to admit was set to go with a different camera until I saw a review of the Mobius on YouTube, so I looked into it a little more and am glad I did. Small, neat, discreet camera compared to others on the market, and not badly priced either.

I had an auto electrician hardwire it in so I didn't have to mess with the 12v socket and not to have any wires hanging down, so my wires, well 99% of it is hidden in the trim and it looks neat. Opted for the suction mount to go behind the rear view mirror, so the camera is located just below the mirror itself, so its not obtrusive in any way and is in a great position to capture the action.

I am now saving for one for my rear window and will go for a wide lens on that, as I have the standard one for the front which is fine and captures a good viewing angle. Great dash cam and to be honest the state of peoples driving is scary at times, as well as drivers not being able to judge their own vehicle on top of just driving through whatever gap there is regardless of oncoming traffic - so for me in society today a dash cam is an must to have to capture any evidence should it be needed as without one many drivers are be blamed for something that is NOT there fault - only my humble opinion of course.

Overall GREAT little camera that packs a big punch, good quality picture and on the review a saw it stated the sounds was not great but to be honest I think the sound is pretty fair to good although I have nothing to compare it to as its my 1st ever dash cam, but when I view the recorded footage I can clearly hear the radio or music being played. 5 out from 5 from me and look forward to getting one for the rear window in the near future :)

very discreet with excellent performance
Reviewed by John

This is the second one of these I’ve purchased, so pleased was I with the first. So small, lightweight and easy to mount close to or behind the mirror out of the driver’s field of view. Easy to set up (the Car Camera shop did most of this, I have made a few small tweaks with the downloadable software). Also easy to get the micro SD card out and copy content to the computer. Image quality at full HD is very good, low light performance under street lighting is fine and the wide lens is a boon as it capture things through the full width of the screen. Great value too - delighted!

I can't recommend the camera or shop enough
Reviewed by Howard

Rather than right a wordy review I have created a quick demonstration of the camera on youtube. I purchased the Mobius camera from There are three parts, day, dusk and night driving. Please note there is no sound on the night part to hide a conversation I was having. The settings are straight from the box. Carcamerashop,co,uk allowed me to choose the configuration before it was shipped. It arrived next day well packed by recorded delivery. Thanks for the Haribo inside too. The 3m power cable and clips was a welcome edition too. I can't recommend the camera or shop enough. Thank you. (opens in new window)

Cracking little camera!
Reviewed by Graham I bought this discrete little camera based on Techmoan's very good review. It sits nicely behind the rear view mirror on the rock-solid suction mount supplied. For the money, I would have to say that the results are superb - video is crisp and bright, audio is good too. It came already set up by Car Camera Shop and worked straight out of the box. I didn't want anyone unpicking bits of my pride and joy to hard wire the camera in so I'm pairing it up with a cheap but great little mobile/tablet charger by Anker, which will sit on the sun visor and give me about 8 hours of recording I believe. Haven't tried that yet but I have no reason to doubt it will work. No complaints at all, very pleased!
Mobius actioncam is all you need
Reviewed by JohnW

Perfect dash cam, small and discrete with quality video, fair price, set up and ready to go out the box if you want.

Using an after market software program you can easily adjust the settings. I have set mode 1 for daytime 1080p @ 30fps, and mode 2 for night time 1080p 25fps low level light settings. These appear to produce the best quality video for dash cam use, as an action cam you may wish to use other settings.

The 3m car power cable could be of a smaller diameter and more flexible, my particular camera was slightly soft in focus but this can be adjusted, hence 4.5/5

Reviewed by DavidG

I was looking to buy a dash cam and finding it was a minefield of websites/sales, products, advice, recommendations and after sales care in fact almost non existent after sales care!

Then I stumbled across and what a breath of fresh air! Simple Honest Superb Advice. Products with actual real reviews from buyers/users, the promise of help/aftersales care. The site itself is so easy to navigate, I registerd immediately as I already felt I'd found the right place to buy my camera, now just needed to narrow my choice.

I contacted them 3 times over the weekend for advice on the Mobius dash cam and received an almost immediate response even on the Sunday evening at 8.15pm. Ian who replied each time was brilliant his advice was spot on and it made my choice easier & safe in the knowledge I was dealing with people who know their products and offer a service that seemed truly first class. So I bought the camera on Tuesday it arrived Friday I had it all installed in just over an hour and up and running. The USB cable was long enough to fit it so it was all hidden behind the headlining, dash and trim. The camera is so discreet behind the mirror its unnoticeable. I used the fixed mount and that too is small so it doesn't look unsightly. The camera came with all the accessories required it is exceptional quality, not cheap in anyway as some goods from other sellers can be. Also enclosed in the box was a bag of Haribo which was a great touch and not forgetting a note from the guys/girls saying if I needed to ask anything now or in the future don't hesitate get in touch! That's the service I bought :)

As for the Mobius camera amazing quality playback on my PC and on our flat screen 47" TV via a USB card reader. The camera came all configured all I had to do was fit it to the car insert a memory card and away I go.

So if your looking to buy a dash/bike cam you need look no further rest assured quality products great service from people who know thier stuff ready to offer help and advice. One week using the Mobius ! FANTASTIC can not fault it in any way. Definitely saving for a second for the rear of the car. And received a couple of emails throughout the week asking how I was getting on with the camera and if I had any question. Faultless service to!

Thanks guys/gals

VERY impressed with the service and the camera
Reviewed by Dave

After looking over their web site, and reading reviews of various dash cams posted on the net, I decided the "Mobius" camera was the one for me! Seeing that car camera shop was being offering it “set up" as a dash cam clinched it. I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask, so fired them off via e-mail. Both questions received very prompt e-mails in return fully answering my queries. Saturday evening I ordered a Mobius camera, hard wire kit and a super cap. Straight away an e-mail came back thanking me for the order, and pointing out that that the super cap was out of stock at the moment and did I want to continue with the order. I replied that I had seen that they were awaiting stock on the site, and that I was happy to wait, as the camera would still work without it. At 23.12 Saturday night, Ian mailed me to say they expected an order towards the middle of the March, and my super cap would be dispatched as soon as they arrived! My camera order turned up bright and early Wednesday morning, very well packed with everything correct and intact including a note detailing how the camera has been configured (and a bag of Haribo!)

So far, I am VERY impressed with the service and the products from this retailer (I will see if the super cap turns up!) I hope the high standards continue to be maintained as I have another 2 family cars to kit out with "cams"!!

Well done guys keep it up!

Fantastic camera for the price and great service
Reviewed by Brian

I bought this unit after doing lots of research on car cameras. This one fits the bill on may fronts, It is small, unobtrusive and has super quality video output. The free downloadable software is comprehensive yet very simple and intuitive to use. I also purchased the super capacitor to go with the camera which allows the unit to run cooler.

If I wish to use it as an action cam which is a big plus, I would need to swap back to the original battery or use a small external power supply neither of which is a problem provided you have the very fine screwdriver required.

I managed to carry out a very neat installation in the car, the fine cable supplied fits very neatly behind the headlining/trim without being the slightest bit obvious.

Framing and alignment is a bit fiddly at first but once you have done it a couple of times and reviewed the footage in order to check things, it becomes easy.

The camera performs well under normal and poor light conditions, night time use in very dark country lanes was excellent as was normal street light illuminated roads.

The only criticism I could level against the camera is that it struggles when driving directly into very bright sunlight but I think I can cure this with a very simple filter, like giving the camera temporary sunglasses.

Then finally there is the price, I think it is great value for money and from what I’ve seen, is as good as some of the cameras out there costing twice the money.

I am very happy with the Car Camera Shop, great service and great follow up. Customer service is excellent, they replied very quickly to a small query I had and then of course there is the packet of Haribo sweets included for free in the bundle.

Not one of your ‘Take yer cash and run Merchants’.

The best dashcam on the market today.
Reviewed by KD

Apologies for the long review but I had a lot of questions about these cameras that I'd not seen definitive answers for so I wanted to provide some useful info in my review.

I've spent the last couple of months researching dashcams and I've discovered that the subject is an absolute minefield! Every single dashcam on the market seems to have an Achilles heel (even if you spend the big bucks!) and so I'd really been struggling to find one that suited my needs.

In the end I'd whittled it down to the PowerUcc Panorama II S and the Mobius. The Panorama is a little bigger than I'd like, has to be ordered from abroad (Korea) and also has a screen which is something I wanted to avoid as it makes it bigger than I'd like and also more appealing to thieves! On the other hand, I'd read that the Mobius caused interference with GPS and Radio and since both our cars have Sat Nav this seemed like a deal breaker for me.

I mentioned my dilemma to a friend who is into his RC toys and he mentioned that he had a couple of Mobius cameras lying around that he hadn't installed onto his quadcopters yet. He offered to let me trial one in my car so I ordered a suction mount from Car Camera Shop and proceeded to give it a whirl. For info, the camera he loaned to me is fitted with the Wide Angle lens.

I have to say after testing the Mobius for a couple of weeks I'm very pleased with every aspect of its performance. I have about 2.5 - 3 hours of driving to do each day so they've had plenty of usage during this period.

After playing with the settings I found that the wide angle lens coupled with the "Narrow" view setting gives the best compromise between a wide enough view and getting enough detail. The narrow setting reduces the viewing angle down to 102 degrees with the wide angle lens (normally 116) and only uses the centre of the CMOS sensor and this seems to be the perfect setup for dashcam usage. "Fish eye" effects are minimal with this setting too - you can just about see it on lamp posts as they tend to curve as they get to either edge of the screen. With the camera set up for the usual 116 degrees I find that the fish eye effect is more pronounced (i.e. you can see buildings leaning in towards the centre of the image) and there is also a loss of detail as everything seems further away. In my opinion you need to be closer than I’d like to other cars to properly read their number plates.

In terms of quality I went with 1080p 30FPS with the maximum bit rate settings and I also turned on WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for better low light performance as most of my commuting is in the dark at the moment with the short December days. I have to say the image quality at night is streets ahead of the other dashcams I've tried with number plates easily readable even with my headlights shining on them. On other dashcams I'd tried the rear plates of other cars tended to get "whited out" by my headlights just as I was getting close enough to read them!

With the above settings I was clocking up 3 minute clips of 400MB each which isn't bad considering everything is turned up to max. It's worth noting I had sound recording switched off so I don't know if that would increase the size of the files if it was turned on. The only limitation on clip length is file size (4GB) so based on the above I could set my clip lengths to 30 minutes if I wanted to.

I decided to try a 128GB Sandisk Class 10 Micro SD card in the Mobius, even though they recommend a smaller Class 4, and it worked absolutely fine formatted as EXFAT (cards 64GB and above MUST be EXFAT in the Mobius). Just bear in mind that you need a FAT32 formatted card to update firmware so having a smaller card lying around for when you need to do an update is worthwhile (a cheap 2GB class 4 card would do).

Now the thing I was really worried about - interference from the Mobius. After extensive testing I found NO problems with the Mobius interfering with the Sat Nav or Radio (both DAB and FM) signals. This was tested in both a BMW and a Mazda and neither experienced even the slightest issues. I suspect the GPS problems are confined to the RC implementations where the GPS and Mobius are literally sat a few centimetres apart, or perhaps something that only happened on older firmware versions. FYI, I updated my Mobius to the latest firmware before using it, currently v2.25.

One other thing worth mentioning is that with the Mobius mounted to the windscreen behind the rear view mirror it was almost totally out of the sight of the driver. When I install them permanently I'll use an adhesive mount to attach them to the large plastic bit that the rear view mirror is mounted on (the bit that contains the rain sensor, etc) and that should place them even better than they are now, i.e. more central and completely hidden from view.

Finally I'd highly recommend downloading MSETUP which is a nice graphical utility for changing settings on your Mobius, updating firmware and formatting SD cards whilst they are in your device (which is generally recommended).

I'm sure it's obvious from the above but suffice to say I completely recommend the Mobius to anyone who wants a dashcam. It does everything required, it does it well and it's extremely discreet and reliable. It's the perfect cam for someone who wants a fit and forget solution. I'd still recommend this camera above all others even if it was double the price, the fact it is so cheap is simply the icing on the cake!

Anyway, that’s enough waffle from me, time to go and order one of those dual Mobius bundles from Car Camera Shop!

Ideally discrete camera easily mounted
Reviewed by John

The Mobius achieves all that I expected of it. The only Dashcam at a reasonable price that I could find that is capable of being located in a position completely out of site of the driver. This being despite a bulky rear view mirror support that facilitates the rain and headlight sensors. (2013 BMW 3 Series Touring) I am now contemplating getting a second Mobius for the Rear Window.

I found the experience of buying this unit through the Car Camera Shop refreshingly easy and the quick response to my query on delivery times particularly impressive

Reviewed by Geoffrey


It's so good I'm almost certainly going to buy a second unit
Reviewed by Graham D

I was interested in a Mobius action camera to use as a dash cam, but wanted a little more information on the product than was on the website. My email was responded to within an hour or so with all the info I needed, and subsequently I bought the camera.

The camera itself is excellent and (as advised by the Car Camera Shop) dead easy to use, and change the set up configurations with the downloadable software. Although the camera is incredibly small, image quality is really good, even after dark. Lining it up properly is a bit hit and miss as there is no screen to guide you, but once set up in position the windscreen holder is firm enough to keep the camera in its correct position after being removed and put back on again. The internal battery doesn't last as long as claimed (although it did last over an hour), but I'm being a bit picky as most dash cams don't have a proper internal battery at all (just one to see it through a power down).

It's so good I'm almost certainly going to buy a second unit for our other car, and given the excellent service from the Car Camera Shop it will be from them.

First class delivery
Reviewed by ians

Must say your delivery was first class, it arrived last Monday, not had time to get it going yet as trying to get someone to install another 2- 12 volt sockets wired to the fuse box of a Bmw , have some concerns about tapping into the fuse box as the BM senses any changes in current draw, so trying to find someone who knows the correct way to do this. May need another camera for the rear later so will get back to you.

Very pleased and can highly recommended
Reviewed by rh

I decided to get a Mobius camera after seeing good reviews and videos on Google.

At first I was going to buy online from China, but decided that I needed somewhere closer to home to buy. I came across The Car Camera Shop website. This was really informative and well put together. It gave me all the information I needed in one place.

I emailed them with additional questions and received a quick and knowledgeable reply from Andy. After further information from Ian, I decided then to place my order and within 2 days my camera arrived.

It was well packaged with bubble wrap and had been set up ready for instant use. Details about, how it had been set up, were also enclosed.

I have found camera very easy to use and impressed with the HD quality from such a small camera. Overall, very pleased and can highly recommend

Worth every penny
Reviewed by Paul

After much research on dash cams, I was so close to buying a top end £350 camera system, until it did one last dash cam search and found this little gem. All I can say is , fantastic micro camera with excellent definition. Play back is really clear, user interface is quite simple, motion activation is great and best of all it's very discrete in the car, you really can't see it behind the rear view mirror. Value for money it's the dogs nuts. Highly recommended camera, so much so, I am buying another for my other car.

Perfect Online Retailer
Reviewed by Paul

I was very cautious of purchasing a dash cam, it's still the wild west with this kind of technology. Most dashcam's are evolving constantly and there are many manufactures out there. After days of research I settled on the Mobius camera. I wanted to purchase it from the UK to avoid waiting the 4 weeks for delivery from China via eBay, but more importantly I wanted UK support should the camera develop a fault. So, after a quick Google I found and was instantly impressed with their website. It was clear to see how much effort and attention to detail had been put into it. I decided to email them about the Mobius, I received a very courteous and knowledgeable reply that very same evening ! So I decided to place my order. It arrived quickly and was very well packaged. I opened the parcel and there was a covering letter, describing how the camera had been setup for me and was ready to use. They also provided clear guidance on how to change the settings if required. I stuck the mount on the windscreen, ran the cable to the cigarette lighter and drove the car as normal. Got home after a day out and popped the MicroSD into my computer. I was really amazed at the quality of the picture, and the crazy moments it had captured ! In all my years of purchasing developing technology from online retailers, this has to be my best experience. They have created a high quality, well engineered, secure and easy to use website, they have in-depth knowledge of their products, excellent customer service and their attention to detail can clearly be seen. I highly recommend

Tiny but powerful - even works snowboarding!
Reviewed by william

When i first opened the box I was amazed at just how small the camera is. It's tiny! The built quality is excellent and you can tell it's been well put together and it's very sturdy. most of the time it's going in my car as a dash cam but i wanted a camera that I could use for other stuff as well. I went snowboarding last week and took it with me and the footage was amazing! it got a little wet but it survived fine!

it's now back in my car and working as a dash cam again. There is new firmware being released all the time which adds more and more features to the camera so i look forward to the next update to see what else it can do!

For the price it's amazing! it doesn't have GPS, g-sensors, wifi, apps like the other expensive cameras but the video quality is incredible. if you just want a camera to record the road with amazing detail and no frills this is the perfect camera.

It just works!
Reviewed by AdamC

I've been using the Mobius as a dash camera for a few months and it's been perfect! The video quality is better than my previous expensive cameras and it's so small you don't even know it's there, unless you need it for anything. I'm going to get another one for my wife's car. Great cam at a cheap price - why would you pay more?

What Did You Think?

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