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Parking Protection

What is parking mode?

Parking mode enables your camera to stay on and recording while your parked. The lower cost dash cameras will simply stay on and record continuously, compared to the more premium cameras that have a dedicated parking mode which is activated after a period of inactivity, or once the ignition is switched off. Recordings are tagged as parking recordings but more importantly functions such as the GPS are disabled. This reduces power consumption allowing the camera to remain in parking mode for longer.

Parking protection functionality offers peace-of-mind while you’re away from your vehicle. Not only from collisions with other drivers who may bump into your vehicle and leave the scene, but also from people who may be looking to break into or steal your car.

Most dash cams with this feature will automatically engage parking mode when they detect that the ignition has been turned off or that the vehicle has been stationary for a predetermined period of time. To save on memory and power consumption the camera will usually engage a motion detection function and only record video when it detects movement, such as a car or a pedestrian passing within it’s field of view. Also, if the camera detects that the car has moved, either from a collision, or by someone tampering with it, it will again record a video to capture as much evidence as possible.

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