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Lukas Qvia AR790-1Ch

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We no longer sell this camera, for an up to date equivalent please click here 

The Lukas Qvia AR790 is a discreet and high quality front facing camera that records in 1080P Full HD @ 30 FPS. The AR790 boasts built-in GPS, Wi-Fi as well as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This camera comes packaged with a 16GB Micro SD card as standard.

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We no longer sell this camera, for an up to date equivalent please click here 

The Lukas AR790 features a 2.1MP Sony Image Sensor and an 135° field of vision, this ensures that a comprehensive and clear view of the road ahead is captured. With the camera only 105 mm in length, the AR790 is designed to mount close to the windscreen and sit neatly behind your rear-view mirror. Out-of-sight and out-of-mind, but there when you need it!The AR790 has a few different recording modes, which it will automatically switch between based upon the situation. Once the vehicles ignition is switched on, the camera will power up and start recording in ‘Normal’ mode. Your camera will spend the majority of it’s time in this mode.
Parking Mode- If the camera is hard-wired, the camera will go into parking mode when the vehicles ignition is switched off. When in parking mode, the camera will then only record if motion or an impact is detected, providing your vehicle protection even when you are away from it.
Incident- If the cameras G-Sensor is set-off, the camera will record the video footage into the incident section of the memory, making important video footage easy to find, and protecting the footage from begin overwritten by normal recordings.
Manual- The Lukas AR790 has a manual recording button on it, pressing this button will mean the camera records and saved the video clip into the manual event folder. This can be useful if you witness and incident in front of you and want to easily find the video at a later date.

The Lukas AR790 features built-in GPS, this allows the vehicles speed and location information to be recorded and displayed on the footage when you are playing it back. As well as this, the camera has Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect your mobile device to the camera. When connected, you can then use the mobile app to quickly review and download video footage or change the camera settings.

The Lukas Qvia AR790 also has Wi-Fi and GPS in built to the camera. This allows for the camera to record the vehicles location and speed for the footage. With Wi-Fi you are able to change the cameras settings as well as review or download previously recorded footage.

The AR790 also has three advanced warning systems, Lane departure warning system (LDWS), Forward collision warning system (FCWS)and Front Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA). For these features to be used the GPS needs to be working on the camera and the vehicle must be travelling at least 30 MPH.
LDWS- An audible warning will be issued to notify the driver when the vehicle is leaving its lane.
FCWS- The driver is notified through an audible warning that the vehicle in front is slowing down or stopped to ensure that you do not have a rear-end collision.
FVSA- An audible notification occurs when you are at a red light and the vehicle in front starts moving.

In The Box

  • 1 x Lukas QVIA AR790 Front Camera
  • 1 x Mounting kit
  • 1 x Hardwire kit
  • 1 x 16GB microSD memory card
  • 1 x User guide