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Polarising Filter For BlackVue DR650/DR750

£39.99 inc. VAT

This polarising filter will reduce or remove glare and dash reflections on your vehicles windscreen.

Suitable for the DR650 and DR750 cameras.

Please note that this is the cost of the filter only and not the camera.

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Product Description

As the filter reduces the amount of glare there is, the colours captured on video are enhanced. Due to this, your video footage appears more crisp and clear allowing you to provide reliable video evidence of any incident that occurs.

The BlackVue CPL filter reduces glare on the dashboard and road, especially in sunny conditions. By using this filter your BlackVue will significantly reduce the reflections that are visible in the video.

The filter also has anti-UV treatment. The BlackVue Polariser Filter Clip is already set at the factory for vertical polarisation, so there is no need for adjustments.

** Please remember to remove if driving often at night **