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Thinkware F70 Dash Camera

From: £99.00 inc. VAT

The F70 dash cam from Thinkware brings you clear & crisp 1080p full HD footage in a sleek design at an affordable price. The perfect camera for anyone looking for a first dash cam, with an industry-leading 2-year warranty.

Featuring Parking Mode, using G-Sensor and motion detection to protect your vehicle when hardwired. Plus the dashcam’s Format Free Technology protects your SD card from corruption.

Choose from multiple accessories – Optional Locking Box offers tamper protection perfect for fleet operators. Optional GPS to access GPS Mapping and the Speed Camera Database.

Please note- The GPS antenna is an optional extra.

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8GB, 32GB





Camera Type

Front Dash Camera



Lens Angle

140° Wide Angle

Parking Mode

Motion Detection, Impact Detection

Max Storage Capacity



Product Description

The F70 is a great option for those looking for a discreet camera, with the unit being only 78mm wide.This dash cam also has premium features such as ‘Time Lapse’ which extends the parked recording time. The camera also has optional safety camera alerts and front vehicle departure warnings when the GPS antenna is connected.

The Thinkware F70 has four different recording modes, with each having their own function.

Continuous Recording- When the engine is switched on the F70 will start recording automatically and will continue in this mode during normal driving conditions.

Event Recording- If the G-Shock sensor is triggered a 10 second pre and post-impact video clip is saved providing a 20 second clip of the entire event.

Manual recording- When the REC button is pressed a manual event is created saving the previous 10 seconds and following 50 seconds of footage.

Parking Mode- This is when the camera records when the ignition is off and the camera has been hard-wired into the vehicle.

The Thinkware F70 has two options available when in parking mode, but you can only use one mode at a time. When in “Time-lapse” the F50 will record at 1fps when the vehicle is parked, this means you’ll be collecting crisp clear video many hours after leaving the vehicle. If the G-shock sensor is triggered a 6 minute 30fps video file will be created showing 3 minutes before and after the incident. The other option available is Motion Detection. In this recording mode the Thinkware F70 will only record footage if it detects movement near the vehicle then a 20 second video clip will be created, showing the 10 seconds before and after the movement was detected. The same will happen if an impact is detected.

The F70 has a few optional features that can add extra value to your dash camera.

Through the use of the GPS antenna the camera is able to locate the vehicle and monitor the speed and direction of travel to provide court admissible evidence if an accident occurs. Additionally, the Thinkware F70 has safety camera alerts, you will be given an audible warning when approaching an area that has a static camera or is a hotspot for mobile speed traps.

When used with the Locking Case, the F70 can become tamper proof. The SD card slot and power cord are inside the case. This ensures the SD card and the footage it holds can not be changed by un-authorised personnel and that the camera can not be unplugged.

The Thinkware F70 has front vehicle departure warnings (FVDW). When your vehicle is stopped at a junction or in traffic, you will receive an audible alert when the vehicle in front of you starts to move, preventing a delayed response.

In The Box

  • Dash Cam
  • 12V Power Cable or Hardwiring Cable
  • 8GB MicroSD Card
  • Windshield Mount
  • Spare 3M Mounting Tape
  • Adhesive Cable Clips
  • Quick Start Guide
  • [Optional] GPS Antenna (If selected)