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Thinkware F200-1Ch

£129.99 inc. VAT

This camera is now discontinued, for an up to date equivalent please click here

The Thinkware F200 is a mid range front dash camera, it records in 1080P Full HD. The camera has built-in Wi-Fi for easy video playback and an optional GPS antenna. This package comes with a 16GB card as standard.

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Camera Type

Front Dash Camera


Available Separately

Lens Angle

140° Wide Angle

Parking Mode

Built-In Battery (wake function)


Product Description

This camera is now discontinued, for an up to date equivalent please click here

The Thinkware F200 is a high quality, feature packed front facing dash cam. When the optional GPS antenna is used, the camera will record the vehicles speed and location whilst also allowing you to enable speed and safety camera alerts.

The front camera records in 1080P Full HD at 30FPS. This provides the camera will clear video evidence of any incident that occurs. The F200 boasts an 140° wide angle lens which ensures that a comprehensive view of the road is captured by both cameras.

The Thinkware F200 also has parking mode, when hard-wired once the ignition is switched off the camera will automatically switch into parking mode. It will then stay in this mode until the vehicles battery voltage drops to around 12v (depending on your settings) or the vehicle is turned back on, whichever occurs first. When in parking mode, the camera will only save footage when it detects movement or an impact. Alternatively, you can put the F200 into time-lapse parking mode, when in this mode the camera will record at 1FPS for the duration of it’s parking mode.

The F200 has a few optional features that can add extra value to your dash camera. Through the use of the GPS antenna the camera is able to locate the vehicle and monitor the speed and direction of travel to provide court admissible evidence if an accident occurs.

When the GPS antenna is connected, the camera will be able to provide safety camera alerts when you are approaching either a fixed or mobile camera hotspot.

In The Box

  • 1 x Thinkware F200 front camera
  • 1 x Windscreen Mount
  • 1 x Front to rear camera cable
  • 1 x Hard-wire kit
  • 1 x 16GB MicroSD card and adapter
  • 5 x Cable Clips
  • 1 x User Manual