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BlackVue DR970X Dash Camera

From: £429.95 inc. VAT

4K Ultra HD camera featuring fast 5GHz Wi-Fi and Cloud compatibility via optional LTE Connectivity Module or 3rd-Party Wi-Fi hotspot.
Need built-in LTE? Check out the DR970X-2CH LTE

*This camera comes with a 64GB micro SD card as standard.


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Built-In GPS


Bluetooth 5.0

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Front Dash Camera

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Built-In WiFi

Product Description


The DR970X is the newest flagship dash cam from industry leader BlackVue. This dash cam boasts an upgraded 4K camera and CPU, allowing for the highest quality footage and crisp shots of important details such as license plates in any lighting condition. The DR970X also comes loaded with all the additional features you’d expect from a flagship dash cam, such as parking surveillance mode, seamless app pairing, optional LTE cloud connectivity, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, as well as the option to add a secondary rear, or interior camera at any point in the future.

If that’s got your attention, read on below as we highlight each of the outstanding features the DR970X-1CH has to offer.

Upgraded 4K Quality
The upgrades to the DR970X series start at its core with a powerful new SigmaStar CPU and ISP built from the ground up, producing crisp 4K ultra high definition footage of important details such as signs and license plate information. The 8-megapixel CMOS sensor provides outstanding low-light image quality insuring everything is caught clearly no matter the lighting condition.

BlackVue DR970X-1CH | Secondary Camera Options
Add A Secondary Camera
The DR970X-1CH is now expandable from 1 “channel” of recording to 2 channels! Much like the previous generation DR750X & DR900X series, the DR970X series comes equipped with an extra input port for a secondary camera. So, you can still use the DR970X-1CH as a front-only dash cam, or you can add on ONE rear-facing, interior-facing, OR waterproof TRUCK camera later if you desire. The best of both worlds!

You can add on up to a maximum of ONE additional camera, for a total of TWO camera angles per DR970X-1CH system. The secondary camera is 100% optional and is not included in the base price of the DR970X-1CH.

Looking to purchase a two camera model straight away? Click HERE for the DR970X-2CH (Front+Rear) and DR970X-2CH-IR (Front+Interior) models or for the brand new DR970X-2CH-LTE model.

GPS, Wi-Fi and Optional LTE

You can check the position of your vehicle on the map while playing back the video, and the speed can also be overlaid on the video. The speed overlay can be hidden in the settings.


With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily link your BlackVue dashcam to your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, Wi-Fi allows your BlackVue to connect to the BlackVue Cloud using any mobile or home Wi-Fi hotspot or router for easy access to files and settings.

Optional LTE

The DR970X can be connected to BlackVue Cloud via an optional LTE connectivity module via the USB port for the best Cloud experience.

*SIM card not included.*

BlackVue DR970X-1CH | Interface Graphic
Optional LTE Module
The optional CM100LTE module makes it easy to connect to the cloud 24/7. This add-on device connects to the DR970X front camera via USB port, providing a constant internet connection and allowing the DR970X to serve as a mobile hotspot for up to five devices. Unlike in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots, the module stays powered on while parked and provides access to your dash camera from anywhere in the world. If you’d like LTE built directly into your dash cam, check out the DR970X-2CH-LTE

* A valid 4G/LTE SIM card is required

Optional BlackVue LTE Module Graphic
BlackVue DR970X-1CH | Parking Surveillance Modes Information
3 Native Parking Surveillance Modes
The DR970X can be hardwired to your vehicle’s fuse panel for Parking Surveillance Mode with the included hardwiring kit or optional B-130X battery back. The DR970X will switch to Parking Mode automatically when vehicle ignition is turned off. Parking Mode comes in 3 variations.


Triggered when the sensor detects movement (marked “P” in the file list).


detected by the accelerometer/G-sensor (marked “E” in the file list)

Time Lapse Mode

Records continuously at 1FPS. 1-minute Time lapse Parking Mode video = 30 minutes real time coverage. Impacts initiate a buffered Event video.

Built-in Impact & Motion Detection
While on the road, the built-in accelerometer (G-sensor) can detect sudden changes in speed or impacts. When parked, the DR970X can also detect any visual movements around your vehicle. These events are automatically tagged and saved. If a cloud connection is present, you’ll have the ability to receive alerts and view the clips from both computer and mobile device.

BlackVue DR970X-2CH Dash Cam Impact & Motion Detection Information
Cloud Features At Your Fingertips
BlackVue DR970X-1CH | BlackVue Cloud Features
BlackVue DR970X-1CH | BlackVue Cloud Features
* Requires connection to Wi-Fi or Optional LTE Module. For Built-In LTE dash cams check out the DR770X-2CH-LTE, DR770X-2CH/IR-LTE, and the DR770X-2CH-TRUCK-LTE.

More Features & Information

The DR970X-1CH is of course still fully functional as a ‘typical’ dash cam, recording at all times when you drive, whether you choose to utilize the optional LTE / Cloud features or not:

When plugged in to your standard power outlet in the vehicle, the system will still power on and off with the vehicle, automatically recording audio, video and GPS speed & location at all times as you drive.
For motion detection (“parking mode”) recording, the DR970X-1CH can be hardwired directly to the vehicle’s electrical system via the included direct-wire cable, a new value-added feature of the BlackVue “X” series. No need for a separate Power Magic Pro (although you can still use the Power Magic Pro if you desire). Alternatively, the DR970X-1CH can also be powered by the BlackVue B-130X Battery Pack instead of your car battery while the vehicle is parked.
All normal driving and parking mode recordings are automatically stored locally on the internal BlackVue memory card (64/128/256 GB options available). Once the memory card is completely ‘full’, only the oldest video file on the card is overwritten as each new video file is created (this is known as loop recording).
The memory card can be removed and plugged in to your PC or Mac using the included microSD to USB adapter. This is an easy way to do a bulk download or backup of all your videos.
The DR970X-1CH does not have a screen on it from which to play back recorded videos from the memory card. Thankfully, the recordings can be accessed via a direct WiFi connection. You can connect to the 750X with your smartphone the same way you would connect to a WiFi network at home or at Starbucks, then use the free BlackVue app to view and download your recordings directly from the camera.
Audio recording, on by default, can be disabled temporarily, or turned off completely by default.
GPS speed display can be disabled from being visible in your video recordings.
Everything you need to use the system is included in the box: front camera with adhesive windshield mount, BlackVue memory card, plug-in power cable, optional direct-wire power cord, etc.
Previous Model Compatibility

Wondering if you can drop in the new DR970X-1CH with your current BlackVue wiring? Please see our upgrade component compatibility list:

Power Cable: New 3-conductor design, NOT compatible with previous DR900S/750S/590/590W Series, YES compatible with 900X/900X-PLUS.
Front Camera Mount: Same design, compatible with DR900S/900X Series. NOT compatible with 750S/750X/590/590W/590X Series
Included in the Box

BlackVue DR970X-1CH Front-Facing Camera w/ Windshield Mount
Cigarette Lighter Power Outlet Power Cord
Direct-Wire Power Outlet Power Cord
BlackVue OEM MicroSD Memory Card (choice of 64/128/256 GB)
USB MicroSD Memory Card Reader/Adapter
Adhesive Cable Holders
Trim Removal Tool
Spare 3M™ Adhesive Pads
Quick Start Manual