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Thinkware F770-2CH IR

£289.99 inc. VAT

This product is now discontinued, for an up to date equivalent please click here

The Thinkware F770 IR camera system has 1080p Full HD recording for both front and internal cameras, making it the perfect system for those who need to monitor inside of the vehicle. The Thinkware F770 also has a new feature called time-lapse parking mode, which can dramatically extend the recording time you get in parking mode.
Please note- The IR camera is for internal use only and should not to be used as a rear camera. This package comes with a 16GB Micro SD card as standard.

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Camera Type

Front & Interior Dash Camera


Built-In GPS

Lens Angle

140° Wide Angle

Parking Mode

Motion Detection, Impact Detection


Max Storage Capacity


Product Description

This product is now discontinued, for an up to date equivalent please click here

This package is popular for private hire and taxi service vehicles who want video evidence of what is happening in front of and inside the vehicle.

The Thinkware F770 dash cam incorporates new features including ‘Super Night Vision’, a night image correction feature, and ‘Time Lapse’ that dramatically extends the parked recording hours. The camera also has the option to enable safety camera alerts, lane departure warning and front collision alerts. The camera also has a slim streamlined appearance making it a great option for those looking for a discreet camera with premium features.

The Thinkware F770 has four different recording modes, with each having their own function:

Continuous Recording- When the engine is switched on the F50 will start recording automatically and will continue in this mode during normal driving conditions.
Event Recording- If the G-Shock sensor is triggered a 10 second pre and post-impact video clip is saved providing a 20 second clip of the entire event.
Manual recording- When the REC button is pressed a manual event is created saving the previous 10 seconds and following 50 seconds of footage.
Parking Mode- This is when the camera records when the ignition is off and the camera has been hard-wired into the vehicle.

The F770 also boasts features such as Wi-Fi, GPS as well as having unique warning systems.
When you connect your IOS or Android device to the camera over Wi-Fi you are able to watch the camera live, review old footage, download footage and change the settings of the camera to your preference.
Through the use of the GPS the camera is able to locate the vehicle and monitor the speed and direction of travel to provide court admissible evidence if an accident occurs.

FCWS- The driver is notified through an audible warning that the vehicle in front is slowing down or stopped to ensure that you do not have a rear-end collision.
LDWS- An audible warning will be issued to notify the driver when the vehicle is leaving its lane.

For FCWS and LDWS to function, the camera must have an active GPS connection and travelling at least 30MPH. These warning systems are optional and can be disabled within the cameras settings.

The IR camera should only be used for recording the inside of the vehicle and should not be used as a rear camera.

In The Box

  • 1 x Thinkware F770 front camera
  • 1 x Thinkware F770 internal IR camera
  • 1 x Front to rear camera cable
  • 1 x Hardwire kit
  • 1 x Front cam mount
  • 1 x Spare adhesive pad
  • 1 x 16GB Micro SD card
  • 1 x USB SD card adapter
  • 5 x Cable tidy clips
  • 1 x User guide